Why Japan?

At $95 billion in value, Japan is the third-largest pharmaceutical market in the world, behind only the United States and China.

ELIQUENT Japan, a globally-minded regulatory consultancy, can help you realize the full potential of the Japanese market as part of one, global go-to-market approach.

What makes the Japanese market an exciting opportunity for your drug or medical device product?

A lot of factors go into making a market right for your entry. There’s the strong and growing market value, of course, and the population size. In Japan, additional factors exist, such as the aging society and growing life expectancy, which combine to create increased demand for medical treatment and will continue to drive future pharmaceutical market developments for the region.

In the past, Japan has been seen as a regulatory environment that’s slow to approve new drugs and medical devices on their path to market. Things are changing. The Japanese government, fortunately, has been working to accelerate approval pathways in an effort to usher in new drug development undertakings. This effort is evidenced by 2015’s introduction of the Sakigake Designation Scheme, a type of fast-track review and approval scheme for new drugs and innovative therapies.

The market value and potential coupled with the favorable regulatory movements make Japan a large, ideal, and promising market for the pharmaceutical industry.

But entry into Japan shouldn’t be an afterthought nor a late-stage addition to your development strategy. Instead, it should be included as an integrated part of your global go-to-market.


ELIQUENT Japan is a ELIQUENT Company.

That means we can bring the entire Asian pharma market within your reach.

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The Japanese market must be uniquely considered in your global product strategy. The best approach? To accommodate Japanese requirements right from the beginning of your development process.

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Here’s where ELIQUENT Japan comes in.

We’re local Japanese regulatory experts. We understand the unique requirements. And we can connect you with Japan’s constituents in order to streamline market entry.

We serve as an external virtual development team for our clients, giving them everything they need to navigate the nuanced requirements of the Japanese systems and regulations. We provide a robust service offering, unrivaled bilingual communications, comprehensive project management support, and, most importantly, deep Japanese regulatory and market expertise.

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