Market Entry Planning

Evaluating and understanding the movements of the Japanese pharmaceutical market is vital to the success of any new product’s entry.

At IDEC, we offer a market entry planning strategy that is inclusive of contemporary standards and expert advice. Here’s how we do it.

A Market Entry Planning approach that achieves, efficiently

Entry into the Japanese pharmaceutical market requires a deliberate, deft approach with regard to product positioning, pricing, and more. We make sure to evaluate industry trends as they relate to your innovative product, and we’re careful to consider pricing against the backdrop of the market during your planned entry. What results from our efforts is a market entry strategy grounded in modern requirements.

We make it our mission to propose optimized market entry strategies for our clients, and that means we must be considerate of myriad concepts:

  • We assess the market based on the target patient population, product positioning, and the competitive environment.
  • We analyze live market price trends and identify points of consideration when setting prices.
  • We carefully weigh the benefits of you selling your product in-house against outsourcing sales to a partner.
  • We listen closely to the advice and feedback garnered from KOLs and select patient groups.
Market Entry Planning Approach

Access the Japanese pharmaceutical market with a purpose-built, strategic plan.

IDEC is ready.

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