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$130 Billion

Estimated worth of the Chinese pharmaceutical market

$95 Billion

Estimated worth of the Japanese pharmaceutical market

$22 Billion

Estimated worth of the Korean pharmaceutical market

After the United States, China and Japan are the second- and third-largest pharmaceutical markets in the world.

Asia is trending favorably for pharmaceutical and medical device innovators, too. In Japan, the regulatory body has demonstrated an interest in accelerating approval pathways with the introduction of the Sakigake designation, a fast-track approval process for new drugs and therapies.

In China, drug approval speed in recent years has increased by more than 60%, and newly improved biologics have increased by more than 450%. In this market, it now takes just six months from material submission to final approval on new drugs.

If you are a global pharmaceutical innovator looking to expand your reach to new markets, it is vital to include Asia’s exciting markets as part of your plans from the beginning. Pharmaceutical innovators that ignore this market risk missing out on more than 15% of the world’s pharmaceutical market share.

Because ELIQUENT Japan is part of the ELIQUENT family, we provide clients who are seeking entry into the Asian pharmaceutical market unrivaled access to a full range of global and regional regulatory, compliance, quality, and go-to-market expertise.

These are the companies that make accessing the Asia Hub possible for pharmaceutical innovators like you.

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With local Japanese regulatory knowledge and a bilingual approach to all compliance needs, ELIQUENT Japan is ready to streamline your entry into the Japanese market.

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With global reach, regional insight, and deep regulatory expertise, Validant provides end-to-end support for pharmaceutical innovators around the world.

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Led by a roster of former-FDA experts, DataRevive provides the quality, regulatory, and compliance expertise needed for the Chinese market, and beyond.

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